#1 Cause for Divorce

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How Financial Issue Is Causing Divorce

Financial issue has emerged as the most complicated issue facing divorcing couples. In the years past, most people did not own mutual funds and stock options, and the like. They did not create blended families or accumulate a pile of credit card and mortgage debt. Life was predictable. Father went to work, and mom stayed back home to look after the children. It was a simple life then. Families were simple, and divorce was rare. All these have changed now.

Today, money is one of the major reasons that a marriage can break up, especially if financial difficulty tarry for a while. According to available reports, financial issues appear to be the main cause of about 80 percent of all divorces. Closely followed is infidelity.

Money enables couples to get their necessities, so a lack of money in the relationship to the point of poverty and the inability to acquire the necessities and comforts of life can pose a significant problem to the survival of the marriage. It is not uncommon to see a married couple complaining about financial difficulty and becoming very unhappy with each other.

Actually, it is not only the lack of money that leads to divorce, but it is also how there came to be the lack of money. The problem often started when one or both of them start spending more than they are earning each month. Absent of proper management of the income is often the biggest reason for the financial trouble a marriage is experiencing.

Getting divorce papers is too common and too easy today, but it is something that should never be entered into lightly. A divorce ends the relationship and signals the breakup of a family, which can be greatly traumatizing to the children of that union. If your relationship is heading towards a divorce due to financial problems, it is wise to consult a marriage therapist to get some impartial advice that might help save your marriage as well as find a way to deal with the financial issues causing the stress.

However, if both of you still want a divorce after consulting a marriage therapist, then family counseling for both of you and the children might be a good idea so that everyone can get through the divorce without much heartache.

If a financial issue is removed, many divorces would not have happened. Therefore, do what you can to reduce financial stress and save your marriage.

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