What is the Difference Between Trump and Clinton on Immigration

Our country’s immigrants are worried about our new incoming President Trump making drastic measures to remove illegal immigrants from our country and creating chaos. Should they be worried? You decide, below is what we found on this subject and a comparison between President Trump and Senator Clinton



Prioritize the roles, wages and security from the United states citizens.

Establish new immigration controls to improve wages and to make sure that open tasks are provided to American workers first.

Safeguard the economical well-being from the authorized immigrants already living here by curbing out of control foreign worker admissions

Select immigrants according to their probability of success within the U.S. as well as their capability to be financially self-sufficient.

Vet applicants to make sure they support America’s values, institutions and individuals, and temporarily suspend immigration from regions that export terrorism where safe vetting cannot presently be ensured.

Enforce the immigration laws and regulations from the U . s . States and restore the Constitutional rule of law where America’s success and security depend.

Donald J. Trump’s 10 Point Intend to Put America First

  1. 1. Begin their work with an impenetrable physical wall around the southern border, on the first day. Mexico covers the wall.
  1. 2. Finish catch-and-release. Within Trump administration, anybody who unlawfully crosses the border is going to be arrested until they’re removed from our country.
  1. 3. Move criminal aliens out the first day, in joint operations with local, condition, and federal police force. We’ll terminate the Obama administration’s deadly, non-enforcement policies that permit a large number of criminal aliens to freely roam our roads.

4. Finish sanctuary metropolitan areas.

5. Immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive All immigration laws and regulations is going to be enforced – we’ll triple the amount of ICE agents. Anybody who enters the U.S. unlawfully is susceptible to deportation / removal. It is exactly what this means to possess laws and regulations and to possess a country.

6. Suspend the issuance of visas to the place where sufficient screening cannot occur, until proven and efficient vetting mechanisms may be put into position.

7. Make sure that other nations place their people when we get them organized

8. Make sure that a biometric entry-exit visa tracking product is fully implemented whatsoever land, air, and ocean ports.


9. Switch off the roles and benefits magnet. Many immigrants arrived at the U.S. unlawfully looking for jobs, despite the fact that federal law prohibits the effective use of illegal immigrants.


  1. 10. Reform legal immigration for everyone the very best interests of the usa and it is workers, keeping immigration levels within historic norms.


Find Out More on Donald J. Trump’s 10 Point Intend to Put America First, here.


Read Mr. Trump’s Remarks in Phoenix, Arizona, in Mexico City, and also at the Remembrance Project Lunch.




Illegal immigrants along with other non-citizens within our prisons and jails together had around 25,000 homicide arrests for their names. [U . s . States Government Accountability Office, March 2011]


Current immigration policy costs taxpayers $300 billion annually [National Review, Sept. 22, 2016]


You will find a minimum of two million charged criminal aliens now within the country. [Center for Immigration Studies, March. 2013]


Since 2013 alone, the Federal Government has permitted 300,000 criminal aliens to come back back to U.S. communities.


Between 9/11 and also the finish of 2014, a minimum of 380 foreign-born individuals were charged in terror cases within the U . s . States. [U.S. Senate Immigration Subcommittee, June 22, 2016]

Within the last 5 years, we’ve accepted nearly 100,000 immigrants from Iraq and Afghanistan during these two countries, based on Pew research, most residents state that the crude practice of recognition killings against women are frequently or sometimes justified. [U.S. Department of Homeland Security, August 2016], [Pew Research Center, This summer 22, 2016]


In the year 2008 through 2014, nearly 13,000 criminal aliens were released back to U.S. communities as their home countries wouldn’t return them. [The Boston Globe, June 4, 2016]


62 percent of homes headed by illegal immigrants used some type of cash or non-cash welfare programs, like food stamps or housing assistance. [Center for Immigration Studies, Sept. 2015]


Nearly a million illegal immigrants, including nearly 200,000 with criminal convictions, have been purchased deported but stay at large. [Washington Examiner, This summer 1, 2015]


Between 2013 and 2015, the Federal Government released over 86,000 criminal aliens from child custody. In 2015 alone, ICE freed 19,723 criminal aliens, who’d 64,197 convictions included in this. These incorporated 8,234 violent convictions and 208 homicide convictions. [Homeland Security Committee, November. 19, 2015]




Hillary will provide 620,000 new refugees inside a four-year term in a lifetime price of over $400 billion. [U.S. Senate Immigration Subcommittee, June 27, 2016]


Hillary Clinton has promised amnesty in her own first 100 days, and her plan will give you Obamacare, Social Security and Medicare for illegal immigrants – smashing the federal budget. On the top of this, she promises out of control low-skilled immigration that is constantly on the reduce jobs and wages for American workers, especially African-American and Hispanic workers.


Hillary Clinton can give citizenship to illegal immigrants who compete directly against vulnerable American workers for the best to high-having to pay jobs, safe housing and good schools. [Donald J. Trump Pr Release, This summer 28, 2016]


Hillary Clinton will safeguard and expand President Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional DACA and DAPA executive actions that provide countless illegal immigrants social security figures, work authorization, travel authorization, eligibility for benefits, and tax credits in breach from the U . s . States law.


Hillary Clinton supports making illegal immigrants qualified for Obamacare, that will pressure American taxpayers to help subsidize illegal immigration.


Hillary Clinton supports sanctuary metropolitan areas, the issue-and-release program in the border, visa overstays, and also the discharge of harmful crooks from detention.


Hillary Clinton doesn’t have intend to secure the border. The ICE agents call her plan “probably the most radical immigration proposal in U.S. history.


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