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Nobody likes to talk about divorce. When someone says “I am in the middle of a divorce”, our immediate reaction is “poor guy/girl”. We imagine the huge amount of money they have to spend on legal fees.  The time they have to spend in and out of courthouses, mediation sessions and attorney consults.

However if you ask someone that lives in Florida you may be surprised at how relaxed they are over this painful topic.

It’s not that divorce is not emotional draining. Everyone handles a separation different and no matter how easy or difficult the process is the truth is that we all handle it differently.

Also the circumstances relating to the divorce may bring more pain than others.

But truth be told if the process of filing for divorce is easier then at least the parties can concentrate on healing and moving forward; not on the time they need to take off or the money they need to waste.

Talking with Yamil Francisco from divorceinfloridaonline.com brings all of this in perspective:

Q – How easy it is for someone living in Florida file for divorce?

A – It’s pretty easy. First because FL has a efiling system, making filing a divorce in person obsolete. Second because most divorces can be done without ever stepping into the courthouse. Third because a divorce can be prepared by a non-attorney, as long as there are no complications, most divorces in Florida are pretty straightforward. 

Q – What does it mean straightforward?

A – Florida is a not-at-fault divorce state. Which means the judge does not want to hear about the drama. Both parties have 50/50 rights and responsibilities for the kids, assets and liabilities (bills). The only thing not straightforward is alimony.

Q – What is alimony?

A – Alimony is spousal support. There is no table like there is a table for child support. I really do not get involved in cases where alimony considerations are made because I do not provide legal advice. I leave that to divorce attorneys.

Q – Why you cannot provide legal advice?

A – Because I am not an attorney. My function is to assist with the paperwork and my relationship with my clients is process driven. I stay on my lane which makes me much more efficient and keeps me out of committing UPL (Unauthorized Practice of Law) 

Q – Back to the divorces where your clients never have to step on a courthouse, how does that work?

A – There is a county in Florida that suports a no-court hearing divorce process. While not all divorce types qualify most do. 

Q – How often do you need to meet your clients?

A – I do not personally meet most of my clients. They submit their information through our website. I prepare the forms and they go to a notary to sign. I do have notaries in Miami, Broward and Orlando. If my client lives in Tampa I will personally notarize the documents. I pay the notaries and they understand my process so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Q – Do you have a physical office?

A- I had a physical office when I used to be based in Miami. I now live in Tampa and have access to an office if I need to meet with a client. Since I serve clients from all over Florida I find that working from home helps me keep my fees low and less time wasted driving around in rush hour traffic for no reason that will benefit most of my clients. 

Q – Where can people read reviews about your services?

A – Some of my prior clients have left me reviews on our Facebook page. I don’t push hard for reviews therefore those reviews are 100% voluntary and of course legit.

And There You Have It!

If you live in Florida and need to file for divorce you should give a call to Yamil Francisco and check out her process, which promises to be the easiest Florida divorce process available.


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